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GST Returns

  • GST return is a document that will contain all the details of your sales, purchases, tax collected on sales (output tax), and tax paid on purchases (input tax). 
  • Once you file GST returns, you will need to pay the resulting tax liability (money that you owe the government). 
  • Regular Businesses
GSTR 1 The Goods and Services Tax Return 1 is a document that each registered taxpayer needs to file every month/quarter.
    • Form GSTR-1 is filed late (post the due date), the late fee will be auto-populated and collected in the next open return in Form GSTR-3B.
GSTR3B Temporary consolidated summary return of inward and outward supplies that the Government of India has introduced as a relaxation for businesses that have recently transitioned to GST.
GSTR9 Annual consolidated tax return (It contains the taxpayer’s income and expenditure in detail. These are then regrouped according to the monthly returns filed by the taxpayer).
GSTR9C Audit form that needs to be filed by every taxpayer who is liable to get their annual reports audited when their aggregate turnover exceeds Rs. 5 crores in a financial year.
  • Businesses registered under the Composition Scheme

CMP-08 Quarterly return for compounding vendors (It contains the total value of supply made during the period covered by the return, along with the details of the tax paid at the compounding rate (not more than 1% of aggregate turnover) for the period along with invoice-wise details for inward supplies if they are either imports or purchased from normal taxpayers).
GSTR4A Annual composition return form that has to be filed by every taxpayer who is enrolled in the composition scheme.
  • Tax Notice
GSTR3A Tax notice issued by the tax authority to a defaulter who has failed to file monthly GST returns on time.