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Direct Tax

All Tax Advisory and compliance related Income Tax which includes but not limited to Company Formation, Tax Planning, Personal Taxation, Transaction Advisory, etc.
  • Application for PAN.
  • Registration at Income Tax Portal.
  • Assessing the income under different heads like Salary, House property, Profit and Gains of Business or Profession and Other Sources.
  • Assessing Short-Term and Long-Term Capital Gain/Loss from the transactions done domestically and internationally.
  • Preparation in all areas of taxation: Personal Tax as well as Corporate Tax.
  • Rectification of Proposed Adjustments in Income Tax Returns.
  • Application for TAN.
  • Preparation of Tax Challan.
  • Filling of TDS and TCS return on Quarterly basis.
  • Filling of Correction Return if any.
  • Certification Work related to TDS and TCS.
  • Timely Reminder to assure compliance of Advance Tax.
  • Estimating Advance Tax after seeking client’s business scenario.
  • Suggesting legal structure of business entities.
  • Transactional advisory – optimal deal structure.
    Tax Due Diligence.
  • Advising clients on establishment of Tax Management System.
  • Conducting Diagnostic Study to ensure full tax benefits of various incentive provisions availed.
    Asset Verification Services.
  • Incorporation of Company under Company law.

Indirect Tax

Advisory and compliance relating to GST (Goods and Services Tax) which has replaced many indirect taxes in India such as the Excise Duty, VAT, Services Tax, etc.
  • Advising client on establishment of GST management system.
  • GST Taxability of the transaction.
  • Review of Business Structure & Input Tax Credit Optimization.
  • Review of GST compliance through Periodic Health Check-up.
  • Suggesting legal structure of business transactions.
  • GST Registration for new Assesses.
  • Obtaining GSTIN.
  • All India GST Compliances.
  • GST Cancellation request.
  • Filling of GSTR1, GSTR3B, GSTR 9 etc.
  • Calculation of liability of tax under GST law.
  • Applicability of rates.
  • Assistance in deposit of GST to electronic cash ledger.
  • Preparation and Filling of GST Reconciliation Return i.e.STR 9C.
  • Review of data, returns, systems vis-à-vis Tax Laws.
  • Finalization of Reconciliation and Audit Report.
  • Signing of Audit Report & reconciliation Statement.
  • Assisting and Representation in Show Cause Notice issued by Superintendent, GST Audit Department.

Audit & Assurance

Providing assurance services under various statutes across various industries for the past several decades like Tax Audit, Statutory Audit, Concurrent Audits, etc.
  • Conducting Tax Audit under Section u/s 44AB, 44AD,44ADA,44AE etc.
  • Filing of tax audit report in form 3CA/3CB and 3CD.
  • Conducting audit of companies related to various industries under company law like textile, healthcare, construction, manufacturers etc.
  • Preparing CARO.
  • Conducting Statutory Bank audit and Branch Audit.
  • Conducting Internal (Concurrent) Audit of Banks.
    Filling LFAR.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of internal controls, internal systems and internal processes in organizations and recommending areas for improvement.
  • Companies Act, 2013 mandates all the companies satisfying specific conditions to have an Internal Audit mechanism in relation to its size of operations.
  • Issuing various types of certifications like Net worth certificate, Debtors ageing certificate etc.
  • Stock Verification Certificates.
  • Apply for trademark, copyright etc.

Tax Litigation & Representation

Assisting & representing before various Tax Authorities for Tax Assessments, Appeals, Search & Survey under various statutes like Income Tax, GST, Benami Transaction Act, etc.
  • Representation before the tax department with respect to assessments, investigation, survey, search, and other civil cases.
  • Representation before CIT(A).
  • Filing of replies to summons and other notices.
  • Representation before GST authority with respect to assessment, search and seizure, summons, and other notices.
  • Assisting and Representation in Show Cause Notice issued by Superintendent, GST Audit Department.
  • Representation for the cases under benami transaction act.
  • Representing before Initiating Officer.
  • Systematic procedural dealing with Approving Authority.
  • Proper guidance regarding compliances.
  • Assist the taxpayer and individuals in summons issued from ED.
  • Assist the taxpayer/ individuals in prosecution, penalty, and compounding of offences.

Foreign Accounts Outsourcing

Efficiently manage your international accounts with our Foreign Accounts Outsourcing services. Streamline financial processes and gain a global edge with our expert solutions.
  • Book-keeping for clients located at USA, UK, Canada, Australia & other countries.
  • Supporting in bookkeeping, compliance, and preparation of financial statements.
  • Providing accounting and financial reporting advice and support to international clients on a wide range of transactions and events.
  • HR Transaction services for complete employee lifecycle management from onboarding to exit.
  • Computation of the monthly payroll, computation of withholding tax and deposit of withholding tax.
  • Taxation & statutory compliances management with an objective to delivery payroll on time with complete accuracy.
  • Ensuring Compliance with direct tax as well as indirect tax to international clients.
  • Diverse account reconciliation services depending on entity’s size, structure, and business goals.
  • Streamlined procedures and use of automated systems to maintain accuracy.
  • Includes Vendor, Customer, Bank, Inter-Company, Inter Accounts & Inventory Reconciliations.
  • Day to day reporting of financial transactions.
  • Reports on company’s operations, financial performance to mitigate business risk.
  • Regular updates and remainders on credit card dues.
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