Rajeev Mardia
And Associates

According to Income tax laws the Individual has to file his/her ITR if his/her income exceeds Rs 2,50,000. Whereas, for the new scheme, the limit is Rs 3,00,000.

However, there are certain condition under which the Individual has to file his/her ITR even if their income is below basic exemption limit. They are as follows:

• Saving account deposit of more than Rs 50 lakhs.
• Current account deposits exceeding Rs 1 crore.
• Sales Turnover of more than Rs 60 lakhs.
• Professional income exceeding Rs 10 lakhs.
• Electricity bill of more than Rs 1 lakhs.
• TDS/TCS exceeding Rs 25,000.
• Income from foreign Assets.
• Expenditure on foreign Travels exceeding Rs 2 lakhs.